Rape: Popular Blogger, Kendamsel Shares Her Emotional Thought

It is June and I just felt like I woke up into another day with horrible meaningfulness.

I try so hard to keep my soul and body together, sadness kept tearing them all apart.

When the death of #Tina popped. She was shot while minding her own business by a drunk policemen in Oworo, Lagos.
#JusticeForTina is a trend.

Before #Tina was #Jennifer who was gang raped by three boys in Narayi, Kaduna.

#JusticeForJennifer was/is a trend.

A father was arrested for raping his two daughters five days ago and there are many, I mean so many cases of illtreatment of women and young children in the daily news.
I sometimes couldn’t bring myself to want to share them.
So I always reveled in the fact that other activists do.

2020 is enough to make one go into depression.
It was as though, the torture isn’t enough.

Till now, I still mourn the death of that baby girl her father killed for being born one.

Yesterday, I shed the tears I haven’t shed for a long time. It was an accumulated grieves.

Yesterday, Uwa’s death went like a wild fire.
She was a 100 level micro biology student in my school, Uniben.

Uwa was raped in a church where she normally does reading by some yet unknown men.
Uwa was severely injured in the head, I couldn’t bring myself to view her maimed picture.

Uwa was able to narrate her story before she eventually passed on. That seriously cut me deep. What if she never did?
#JusticeForUwa is on trend.

I thought I have had it enough for a day only for me to get an another news of a 12year old girl ganged raped by 11 men. 11 men!
All of these in the space of weeks consecutively.

I have said it before, I will say it again, it takes one person to rip the garment of inhumanity.

Uwa is yet again another one matyr for her kinds.

For other girls who have been raped and murdered by men.
For every girls who have been raped that the scars won’t leave them.
For every girls who have suffered attempted rape.
For every girls who have been blamed for their own murder without justice.
This is no time for friendship, this is time for holy rage.

Many men and some women have been victim-blaming her and we have been keeping tabs on them.

Throughout yesterday, I took my time to do the unusual of me.
It was a curse rage on anyone that victim blamed her for being raped.

Screenshots available and they will be slained with curses.
I choose this struggle!

When you blame victims, you have side with the perpetrator!
We won’t live to let you live either.

One rape is enough to say enough, we are tired of the many already.
I am tired!
I can’t breathe!

Because men rapes, men murders, men assaults, men molest, men gropes, men harass.
I refused to euphemized the perpetrator of the problem.

I have lived in constant fear of men.
All girls do. Every girls do.

This is women asking the men to let’s live, to leave their body hell alone, to stop raping them, to stop killing them.

If you will then say not all men, don’t forget it is enough men and it is enough.
But then, it is all men until otherwise proven.
Because women are not the weaker vessel afterall, men are!
Deal with your kinds.

Justice For Uwa.
For Tina.
For Jenifer.
For the 12 year old girl.

Men murdered them, men raped them, not robots.

And I could be the next.

The girl next door can too.

Any girl can be.

We are humans too.

We could be your sisters!

Reality biteswithkendamsel

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