Reactions trails Saturday’s PDP State Assembly primaries in Kabba/Bunu

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People’s Democratic Party(PDP) State Assembly primaries in Kabba/Bunu Local government ‎have been concluded successfully with different reactions by both delegates and the electorates over the defeated candidate’s bid to go to court.
Prince Kolawole Matthew
Some delegates and electorates in chat with newsmen on Monday in Lokoja over the fairness of the primaries and reasons behind the incumbent who lost going to court today Monday.

Mr Michael Ibionisehi,a delegate noted that the conduct of the primaries was free and fair,he‎ said there was no shady arrangements throughout the voting and he therefore not see any reason why the defeated candidate should go to court.

He noted that there was no violence and things went very smooth,said he dose not no what evidence the defeated candidate has to tender in court.

Mrs Esther Fanope,stated that They had voted the man of their choice without any intimidations,said the victory was well deserving.

Mr Tunde Amigunju,noted that the election was very free and fair amid tight security which enabled everyone to vote candidates of their choice;said he does not believe that there should be any court case to this effect.

Mr Shola Mokikan,said the results of the election was overwhelming, said it was very peaceful.

“We have never had a primaries that is this free and fair,”He said.

Mrs Titilayo Olorunfemi, stated that the results were very correct and Mr Kolawole Matthew was the preferred candidate with a total poll of 43 votes against the incumbent 37 votes.

Mr ‎Segun Aina,said the primaries was the best election ever,he noted that the conduct was peaceful,free and fair.

He commended PDP officials, INEC officials and the security agencies that were on ground to make it a success.

A member of the PDP executive that supervised the primaries, he claimed anonymity, but said that the conduct was a success.

He congratulated Mr Kolawole Matthew on his well deserved victory,said it was the delegates who spoke with their votes.

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