Revoke oil block licences, Nigerian Bar Association urges President Buhari

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The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) has called on the Federal Government to revoke previous oil block licences and increase the share of oil producing communities in oil revenues to ensure peace, unity and cohesion in the country.
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The NBA made the call in a communiqué from its 55th Annual General Conference 2015, held at the International Conference Centre Abuja weekend.

“All previous oil block licences should be revoked and oil producing communities be considered in the allocation of oil blocks,” the NBA said.

In support of the agitation in some quarters for an increment in oil derivation funds payable to oil producing areas, the NBA said upward review of the current 13 per cent to 30 per cent was necessary.

The NBA stated, “13% derivation paid to oil producing state should be increased to 30%,” adding that “the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) be properly funded as it is important to open up the region, build the roads and provide other infrastructure.”

In addition, the association appealed to multinational companies to return their head office to the area of operation in line with the local content law.

On countering insurgency and human rights violation, the NBA recommended that all efforts to stamp out terrorism, including the tackling of illiteracy and unemployment must be undertaken by the Federal Government.

“Government should, as a matter of national development, initiate prompt, independent, impartial investigation into the gross human rights violations allegedly committed by the military and the terrorists with consequential action implemented to safeguard against such violations in future.

“Government should provide an effective remedy to victims of human rights violations and their families including compensation, humanitarian relief and the rest.

“The mystery surrounding the abduction, disappearance and location of the Chibok girls should be unravelled forthwith, including their retrieval to their parents, to prevent future recurrence” the communiqué stated.

In the communiqué released at the weekend, endorsed by NBA President Augustine Alegeh, SAN, and Secretary General Afam Osuigwe, the association also called for the Niger Delta Amnesty programme to be sustained in order to ensure peace in the region.

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