Rio 2016: Islamic militants, ISIS Issues Real Threat to Olympic, says ‘Brazil Is Next’


The country’s national intelligence agency has warned the threat of a terror attack by Islamic militants is on the rise – less than four months before the games start in August.

Counterterrorism director Luiz Alberto Sallaberry revealed the number of Brazilians who sympathise with Islamic State – also known as Daesh – is increasing.

And he confirmed a “credible threat” to state security from ISIS had been identified.

The warning – from the country’s most senior anti-terror chief – will strike fear in the hearts of the thousands of Brits preparing to head off for the sporting showcase.

Sallaberry said his agency had taken several measures to avert a potential attack – including sharing information with foreign security forces and improved training.

But security experts have warned many Brazilian officials have no idea how big a stage the Olympics is for anyone seeking to sow terror – either through an attack on game venues, infrastructure nearby or the athletes and 500,000 tourists expected to attend.

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