Road Projects: How Kogi Gov Idris Wada was fooled by Bassa LG chair

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On Thursday, 26th June this year, Governor Idris Wada visited Oguma, headquarters of Bassa Local Government Area of Kogi State to commission some road projects. They were the rehabilitation of Odulu Koriko contracted to Plus Idris and Nana Construction Company Nig. Ltd and Koriko-Oguma road, handled by same company.

The first road was awarded to the company at N31 million, while the second was awarded for N44million. They were the two major achievements showcased by Hon. Umar Magida, the council chairman during the governor’s visit.

From Koriko, Gov Wada and his entourage moved straight to Oguma to commission the road. The governor praised the chairman for a job welldone while commissioning the project.

Though the portion shown the governor was enough to convince him of the chairman’s success. If he had gone a few dozens of meters down the road from the point of the commissioning, farce in the project would have been exposed.

The completed part is smooth, but it represents only a fraction of the entire project which has been left untouched several weeks after the governor left the area.

Commissioning, Wada urged him to deliver more democracy dividend by constructing more roads in the area. The governor promised that any amount expended by the council on state projects would be refunded after verification.

Shortly after the departure of the governor, however, it was discovered that he was made to commission an uncompleted project. This magazine found out that only half of the road has been completed. Worse, the uncompleted portion of the road is been eroded by flood, creating gullies which are giving motorists problem.

Residents of the area expressed disappointment over abandonment of the project and appealed to the government to ensure that the road is completed as soon as possible.

Hajiya Zainab Momoh, a petty trader and a corn seller simply identified as Mama Alfa both living at Koriko, said the road should have been completed before inviting the governor for the commissioning. They expressed disappointment that the council chairman deceived the governor to commission an uncompleted project.

Zainab who noted that completion of the road would accelerate development in the area, complained that its abandonment has led to the suffering of residents because commercial vehicles loathe to ply the untarred portion. She said after the governor commissioned the completed parts, those constructing the road have not turned up to continue with the portions they had not done. Their equipments are parked somewhere here.

Culled from Kogiwatch Magazine