Royal father hails Oshiomhole over Competency test cancellation

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The Otaru of Auchi, Alhaji Aliru Momoh, Ikelebe III, has commended Governor Adams Oshiomhole for cancelling the Competency test proposed by the state government for teachers in public schools in the state.
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The Governor had announced the cancellation of the competency test, the restoration of pay of 936 teachers and the approval of other incentives to the teachers at a meeting with the NLC, TUC and NUT, last Thursday.

Speaking on Saturday at the formal presentation of the winner of this year’s Koranic recitation competition held in Jigawa State, the Otaru of Auchi said the move will douse the tension and fears of the teachers on what they erroneously thought was a ploy by the government to retrench them.

According to the royal father, “last night I was watching the network news and I was very, very happy to hear the very credible statements made by our governor about teachers. The teachers are now all back. Those who were sacked have been asked to come and resume work. Teachers who are supposed to be taking exams have been exempted from taking exams and those who are qualified to retire will be retired with full pay so I thank you and God bless you. So I must say that not only Edo State but Nigeria as a whole must be happy about this development.”

The Otaru said the extension of other entitlements to the teachers would increase their productivity, saying he hoped the Governor’s gesture would be adequately rewarded by the teachers and their union to further throw their support behind him to ensure more development in the state.

Speaking on the occasion, Governor Oshiomhole admonished Muslim faithful to imbibe the spirit and teachings of the holy Prophet Mohammad in order to ensure peace and unity among all ethnic nationalities across the country.

He said, “Let me appreciate your highness for your commitment to promoting not just the teaching of the Holy Koran but those core Islamic values because the bane of our society today is that far too many people exercise power without the fear of the Almighty God.

“Quite too many people will go to any length to do anything even if that will threaten the corporate existence of our community and our country.

“By promoting the correct interpretation of the Holy Koran, you are making it impossible for extremists to change the correct interpretation of the Holy Book, (Koran) and when young people internalise the true meaning of Islam, they preach the true message of Prophet Mohammad, it helps to deny those who seek to interpret the Koran upside down, the passport to do so.”

Oshiomhole extolled the male and female participants from Edo State who participated in this year’s Koranic Recitation competition for bringing glory to the state.

He said, “I am very encouraged to see the young boy and girl reciting the Koran as if they have a Ph.D in Islamic studies and it shows that we all can excel if we have a leadership that encourages the young ones rather than being idle, they can engage with the Holy Book and imbibe the spirit and teachings of the Holy Prophet Mohammed such that they can help to spread the teachings across communities and help to unite our people, then there will be peace everywhere.”

Governor Oshiomhole assured the people of Edo State especially Muslim faithful that he will rather use the resources of the state to provide development for the people than enrich the pocket of a few private individuals.

He added, “They frown when they see transformer being delivered and electricity restored, they frown when they see new roads being constructed, they frown when they see a new school. Yet some of those who are in politics whose purpose ought to be to maximise delivering of these deliverables, they are the ones to now argue that roads is not food for them to eat, school is not food for them to eat, that if you have provided infrastructure for the people, what about the infrastructure for their own stomach? Oshiomhole retorted.

He thanked the Otaru of Auchi and his Councils of Chiefs for their continuous support and prayers and sued for its sustenance. He used the occasion to announce a personal donation of N200,000 to the winners of this year’s Koranic recitation and pledged the State Government’s assistance in the establishment of an Islamic Centre in Auchi.

Earlier, Coordinator, Edo Musabaka, Alhaji Ibrahim Oyarekhua appealed to Edo State Government to host the Koranic Recitation Competition in Edo State or any other state in the Southern part of the country.

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