Sallah Novelty: Dekina Warriors FC face Bassa United At KSU Stadium on Saturday


As Kogi state joins the world in celebrating the Sallah, Dekina Warriors FC and Bassa United will go head to head on Saturday at the Kogi State University stadium, Anyigba.

The much-anticipated match will see hundreds of youth turnout in their numbers at the university.

The sponsor of the match, Sanni Idakwo said he believes that the youth are the solution and not the problem of the society adding that if given opportunities they will actualize their dreams.

“Sports is the only thing that can create jobs and engage the youths. To reduce crime in the society, sports is also a vehicle which is most suitable to curb social vices”, he said.

He said 18 players who distinguish themselves will be selected and sponsored.

Idakwo added that the sponsorship will help impact positively on the selected players stressing that it would help reduce idleness, poverty and criminal tendencies in the youths.