Sanction erring football members, not Nigeria – minister Solomon Dalung tells Fifa


Sport Minister Solomon Dalung has urged Fifa to sanction its erring members seeking justices in court and not the country with no government interference in it matters following a Federal High court ruling in Jos last Friday.

On Monday, Fifa threatened to ban Nigeria if it government implements the court ruling sacking the Amaju Pinick-led NFF board and reinstate Chris Giwa as the rightful NFF president.

“In this respect, and first of all, we would Iike to remind you that according t0 articles 13 and 17 of the FIFA Statutes, all members associations have to manage their affairs independently and with no influence from third parties.

“In addition and according to article 68 of the FIFA Statutes, recourse to ordinary courts of Iaw is prohibited unless specifically provided for in the FIFA regulations.

“Furthermore, it is the duty of each member association to ensure that these provisions are implemented by its members and possibly take sanctions against those which fail to respect these obligations.

“In view of the above, the decision of the Federal High Court in Jos, if implemented, would likely be considered a5 an interference in the internal affairs of the NFF and the case would be brought to the highest authorities of FIFA for consideration of sanctions, including the suspension of the NFF.

“Lastly, we would like to Stress that the plaintiff in question already filed an appeal in relation to the same matter with the highest judicial Sport authorities, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), and that said appeal was dismissed by the CAS on 18 May 2015,” it read.

In a response, Dalung blasted desperate officials frustrating the growth of football in the country all for personal interest and urged Fifa to discipline it members bring the game to disrepute.

“All happening today in NFF is the hypocrisy of FIFA statutes that encouraged indiscipline amongst its members while using ban monster nation,” Dalung said.

“If Giwa went to court then he must know that the same court gave Amaju right of appeal he cannot now resort to self help justice.

“If football matters had been taken to court by Giwa then he must allow it to run full course he has no right to dissolve or appoint now.

“For Giwa who went to court then issued such announcement of dissolution while right of appeal lies to Amaju is unfortunate and bad enough.

“All those shouting FIFA ban must know that government did not intervene or go to court so FIFA should discipline its members and not Nigeria.

“All happening today in NFF is the hypocrisy of FIFA statutes that encouraged indiscipline amongst its members while using ban monster nation.

“All those accusing me now are the beneficiaries of NFF crisis because they make allegations to escalate the situation,” he concluded.

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