Scholes Blasts Costa, Says He Is Only Good At Fighting


[contextly_auto_sidebar id=”nw1B3E4lWBrxBImyYjMuwG8KVltYJFFz”]Former England International, Paul Scholes, has blasted Chelsea’s Diego Costa for his unruly behaviour at the White Hart Lane on Sunday when he threw his bib at his manager Jose Mourinho.

The Brazilian has been out of form this season which forced the manager to dump him on the bench.

The 27-year-old has been criticised severally this season especially for a behaviour for fighting with Arsenal’s Laurent Koscielny and Gabriel which led to his ban.

After Chelsea’s 0 – 0 draw at Tottenham, Scholes lambasted Costa, saying he is only good at fighting.

He said: ‘This is what he’s good at, when he’s fighting – I won’t say at his best, but it’s what he’s good at. He’d cause a row in an empty house.

“I think (he’s been dropped) because he’s not been playing well enough,”

“It’s pretty obvious from last year, when you look at the stats – he’s scored nowhere near the amount of goals, and he just hasn’t contributed.

“We know he’s a very good centre forward, he’s at his best when he’s fighting, when he’s arguing, when he’s kicking, but when he’s not scoring goals with that, it stands out,” Scholes said before he game.

“But if the goals aren’t coming with that, it just looks stupid. It’s a lack of effort.”

However, Chelsea manager Mourinho explained why he decided to play Pedro instead of the Brazilian. ‘It’s the first time that Diego is on the bench unless he was on the bench for some little injury,” he said before the game.

“I think it’s also normal. He’s playing every match, and things are not going really well for his confidence. Pedro is a good player, a dangerous player, and we are going that way,” he concluded.

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