SDP, APC Trade Accusations Over Kogi Poll

Two months after the Kogi governorship election, tensions remain high between the ruling APC and opposition SDP over the poll outcome.

The SDP is in court seeking to overturn APC candidate, Ahmed Ododo’s victory. It secured an order to inspect election materials, now relocated to INEC headquarters in Abuja.

But the APC has accused REC Longpet of being compromised by SDP. In a statement, Fanwo alleged Longpet organised the inspection with SDP funding staff logistics.

SDP spokesman, Ijele, condemned this as “fake news” by APC’s “propaganda wing”. He said SDP’s legal processes are legitimate and accused APC of desperation.

Earlier, SDP chairman Shehu Gabam vowed to challenge the result, describing irregularities. He said they will not leave the matter despite indications of “impunity”.

It remains unclear if Thursday’s scheduled materials inspection held as planned amid the traded allegations.

A top SDP member said no propaganda will deter their justice pursuit. But tensions are high as the legal battle for the Kogi mandate continues.

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