Security guard caught in attempt to rape tomato hawker

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Hell was let lose in the Peace Community area in Lokoja, Kogi State capital, when a security guard attached to one of the houses in the area reportedly assaulted and attempted to rape a female tomato hawker before luck ran against him.
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He was caught by residents and beaten to a pulp. The culprit with name withheld was said to be guarding onr of the two-storey buildings in the area, owed by a medical doctor resident in Abuja.

Investigation indicated that the doctor who usually comes to Lokoja at the weekends and holidays, had the culprit capitalized on that situation to assume the role of a caretaker taking the advantage of his employer’s absence.

On this fateful day, the girl hawker was said to have been lured by the security guard into the compound with the pretense to buy tomatoes and pepper. It was further gathered that the man shut the gate behind her as she entered the compound before the girl started screaming a moment later.

An eye-witness, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that on hearing the cry-for-help being rendered from inside the yard, he was forced to bang the gate and ask the the security man to open it.

The refusal of the security guard to open the game saw infuriated crowd already gathered outside the compound forcing their way into the compound by jump over the tall fence.

When the gate was opened, the crowd of curious neighbours who confronted him were fully prepared to make him pay for his action after the girl narrated her ordeal.

She told the crowd that the security guard had attempted to rape he, but she screamed and he decided to beat her up.

The incident which was reportedly taken to vigilante group, had its leader informing our source that “everything is under control” adding that the man was going to be handed over to the police for further interrogations.

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