Security: Obama invites Jonathan for security talks

American President Barrack Obama has invited his Nigerian counterpart, Goodluck Jonathan, for talks.

jonathan and obama
United States of America Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Wendy Sherman, who is leading a delegation to the US-Nigeria bi-national commission meeting, disclosed this to State House correspondents in Abuja yesterday.

She said both presidents would discuss such issues as security, governance, education and agriculture.

Sherman, who noted that she was in the State House to give Jonathan a letter from Obama adding that “we look forward to working further on the basis of the letter”.

She said both presidents would meet soon, adding that they would later announce the details of the meeting themselves.

According to her, the bi-national commission is an invaluable tool for both nations to work together for a strong relationship, especially to support Nigeria as it moves forward to tackle its challenges.

Sherman said: “Our presidents are likely to meet soon. I will leave that announcement to the President of the United States and the President of Nigeria. The issues before the bi-national commission range from security to governance, education and agriculture.

“Nigeria is a very important country, not only here on the continent, but around the world. Nigeria has served on the Security Council of the UN and it is likely to do so again in future.

It is the head of the Committee on Democracy and has been leader in so many ways, like in ECOWAS as a peace-keeper all around the world. These are the partnerships that are important to us.

Secretary John Kerry had a meeting with President Jonathan in Addis at the AU summit, and so, we look for every opportunity to strengthen our relationship.”

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