Seychelles, Mauritius agrees to boost cooperation in 22 sectors

Mauritius and Seychelles Thursday signed an agreement that provides for 22 areas of cooperation in various economic spheres.

The agreement was signed at the conclusion of the 10th session of the Mauritius-Seychelles Commission on bilateral cooperation held 4-5 Sept in Port Louis, PANA reported.

Mauritian Finance and Economic Development Minister Xavier-Luc Duval said the agreement would focus on exchanges and the creation of networks for professionals as one of the important ways the two islands states can reinforce their collaboration for continued successful development.

‘Both countries share several similarities and need to work together to further enhance both air and sea routes services to boost inter-regional trade, and this will help Mauritius and Seychelles achieved higher growth rate,’ he said.

Duval also pointed out that both countries should explore all possibilities and avenues for trade liberalisation, to remove impediments to and lower barriers towards free and enhanced flow of goods, services, investment, and technology within the region.

Mauritius and Seychelles signed two treaties concerning the joint exercise of sovereign rights by both islands over the Extended Continental Shelf in the Mascarene Plateau region and the joint management of the Extended Continental Shelf in March 2012.

For his part, Seychelles Foreign Affairs Minister Jean-Paul Adam highlighted the key role of the agreement that will further spur cross-border cooperation and strengthen bilateral ties.

He emphasised the importance that Seychelles attaches to the longstanding bilateral relations with Mauritius and the need to implement a number of ongoing agreements and projects in financial, health, educational, information and communication technology sectors as well as in the fields of security, piracy and maritime surveillance.

Other areas of cooperation between the two islands include employment of Mauritian professionals in Seychelles, capacity building in which Seychelles will help Mauritius improve its Human Development Index, Information and Communication Technology, fisheries, cross-border investment cooperation, luxury marina development, tourism, regional cooperation; social security, gender equality, education and health.

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