“Shaku Shaku”, “Science Student” Features In Uniben Exam

A Uniben student has shared a photo of their examination question paper and “shaku shaku”, “science student”, and “I like your waist in particular” were included in the questions.

The examination question set for students in the department of English and Literature in University of Benin had a question that goes;
“Explain “shaku shaku,” science students, and “I like your waist in particular” as products of a society that is highly influenced by popular culture and dance.”

The question carries 10 marks and was given to second-year students of the department. A student of the school identified as Gift Biokoro took to Facebook to reveal that there were more unusual questions asides the one going viral.

Gift Biokoro wrote;
“There is nothing you will not see in uniben today’s exam was all about shaku-shaku, science student and I love your waist in particular…. And for movies we have jennifas diary, died wretched and tongues of fire…..”