Should I Leave My N200k Job For Job Abroad? (Question)

I Need Serious Advice On The Path To Tow

I am currently confused right now on what to do. I need advice.

I got this job that pays 200k+ a month plus a decent accommodation. Iam very good at my job and I have been planning on opening my own. As a matter of fact I have planned to start buying the equipments needed for the company by October. Although if everything goes as planned the company would begin operation by middle of next year. I also have the intention of combining my job and running the company(it’s no big deal). However I ran into this sure link of getting a very high paid job abroad. The link is legit and very sure, all I have to do is accept and I will leave ASAP but my problem here is that my parents wokldolet me step out of the country cause I’m their only son. I needed the abroad job as it would boost my income and enable me achieve what I had planned. If I should follow my initial plan the company would run on a small scale. However, with the fund from the away job I could get enough money to go into full business.

Iam thinking of defying them and go ahead with the abroad plan. But one mind is telling me to hold onto my initial plan.

Please what do I do?

Ps I have already been offered the job abroad all I have to do is to accept it. And I don’t have much time left.

I need sincere inputs
Negative comments are welcomed too

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