Sports Writers Urge Sports Minister, Solomon Dalung to Revive Sports in FCT

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The Sports Writers Association of Nigeria, SWAN, FCT chapter has urged the newly appointed minister of the Federal Capital Territory to make sports a priority in his administration.

SWAN laments the current state of sports in the territory which they maintained that if nothing is done to redress the situation may lead to FCT losing their good athletes to other states of the Federation and thereby placing FCT as one of the backward sports state in the Federation.

And to redress the situation , SWAN identifies areas that the minister must give attention to if he really has plans to make impart in sports:

That, the Area 10 Football facility be totally renovated, and the Area 3 football pitch be provided with comfortable stand for spectators to sit during matches. And, that the minister put a stop to every attempt by some forces to sell off these facilities to private persons.

That all facilities reserved for sports in the territory and which have been converted to other uses be restored to its original purpose.

That all abandoned sporting facilities in the area councils which have been completely paid for be completed and handed over to the councils.

That the government look towards having her own football team both for the male and women as other states in the federation has. This will go a long way to productively engaging the large number of young footballers roaming the streets of Abuja busy and focused.

Also, that as a matter of urgency, the minister should look into the case of the FCT U-13 that won the National U-13 football competition and were meant to go on a tour of Europe as approved by the then minister, but failed to go even after N60 million was released for the trip.

That the minister should ensure that sporting associations that have been left to die by the current sport administrators in the Territory be resuscitated with proper funding, as this is the only true way that sports can be developed at the grassroot in the FCT.

FCT SWAN led by Kayode Adeniyi congratulates the minister on his appointment and promises to work with him in the task of developing sports in the Territory.