Stoke City forward Explains How He had Eto’o’s Car Stolen

Stoke City striker Marko Arnautovic has recalled the time he had Chelsea forward Samuel Eto’o‘s stolen.
sam etoo
The pair played together at Inter Milan.

“So I earned my licence and said to Sam that I want to buy a car,” the Austrian told the Daily Mail, “and Sam replied: ‘Don’t bother, you can have one of mine’.

“He gave me a Bentley and I was very happy with that. I was driving into the city every day and was getting it washed all the time and keeping it nice.

“One day I went to the restaurant for 45 minutes. After I’d finished the car was not there and at first I thought it had been removed for bad parking. I was shocked, I was crying and throwing up, I was really scared.

“I called Sam and told him the car had been taken but I have to say he was really nice to me.

“He said it wasn’t my fault but I was calling him day and night to say sorry. I must have called him 100 times. When I went to Bremen I got a call to say they had found the car.

“I was worried Eto’o thought I might have asked somebody to take it for me so that was a big relief. When I see him at Chelsea this season we will have a laugh about it – I hope!”