Super Eagles Players Rating: Nigeria 0-2 defeat to France in Brazilia

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By TJ Omario – SavidNews’ man took time to bring out the assessment the performance of the Super Eagles players and contributions despite last 16 exit following a 2-0 defeat to France on Monday in Brazilia.


Enyeama: Nigeria’s Pride. Too bad that after serving his fatherland like a true hero, he might probably not enjoy his money end up paying John Obi Mikel his own share of the N12 million if he promises to stop giving him back passes. Considering Mikel’s reputation in slowing games down, i think its a fair investment.

Omeruo:: The young lad tried his best. Not everyone can defend the goal post against the opposition and a determined Joseph Yobo.

Oshaniwa: Some wasteful crosses here and there but they were worth it cos he knew giving the to Mikel who will give it back to Enyeama and Enyeama gives it back to him(Oshaniwa) is “Recycling” and the pitch is not the best place to teach Chemistry..

Onazi: The engine of the team. He worked tirelessly like what the Hausas call “jackey” but at the end, his efforts kept being thwarted by mikel— the expired and weak “engine oil” that should have been thrown away long long ago..
Gabriel Reuben: He showed that he’s a great harry potter fan by being invincible on the pitch. The only difference was—– he wore a green “cloak” rather than the black used in harry potter.

Victor Moses: He tried his best to stamp his authority in the game but i guess the emotional trauma caused by being on the Liverpool bench longer than Gadaaffi ruled Libya, is still haunting him. The good news is, with his performance so far, he wont be sitting on the bench anylonger. He might just find himself in the stands..

Mikel: I dont even know where to start from. Is it the countless number of times he cluelessly gave the ball away and almost cost us a goal. Or is it that time he tried to score Enyeama to get back at Nigerians who think he cant score goals. I dont even want to mention how many times i caught him bouncing on the pitch like a pregnant snail even when we were under attack. I pity any club wey go buy Mikel for even half bottle of Pepsi wey person don drink remain..

Yobo: I dont know which i find more annoying about this guy. Is it His 1821 ancestral style of play or his kpomo lips that he licks 2—4—7? His movement on the field of play says alot about what you’ll get when you trap my grandfather’s spirit in a twelve year old! Yobo is weak, tired and expired.. His wife is not even as hot as Shakira yet his waist is good as dead. You need to see the way this guy turns on the pitch . Even Chelsea’s Ivanovic with an asss as huge our national budget still moves switftly. What is Yobo’s excuse? His lips? If yes, than how come Demba moves without issues? . Anyway, he ended his outing for Nigeria with a well executed finish. 100 caps and a goal at stoppage time. What other way is there to end a career.. Way to go bro.

Efe Ambrose: Lemme not dwell on his K-leg. Am i the only one who thinks efe might have at some point suffered from stroke? I mean, the way he places those hands of his, that must be someone recovering from it. On the brighter side, it might be a blessing in disguise that we went home now cos the last thing we’ll want is to see someone’s dad stretching and twiching on the pitch after receiving some good dazzling from Thomas muller. Bottomline——- Dada, k-leg and stroke do not blend well.

Ahmed Musa: Asides being nothing but just a silent observer on the pitch for most of the game, he also threw Jibes at mathew valbuena’s height with those dwarf corner kicks of his —times without number.

Osaze: Tried his best and looked like the only player who wanted to play in the quaterfinals but got tired at the end and gave france a corner kick just to let Nigerians know that the first goal wasnt Enyema’s fault. And he was right—- even if Pogba didnt score that goal, Yobo would have still headed it in.

Emenike: This guy looks like what you’ll get when Zeus(the god of thunder) self services and the fluid finds its way into a woman. The above is a big advantage if you add it to his goal scoring ability which went AWOL immediately the world cup started.. We appreciate Emenike and all he’s done for this team including trying to put the death of france’s goalie on Nigeria with that wicked shot but i believe its time. Its time to go do what he was really meant for.. The Avengers need him more than the eagles do. Just imagine what it’ll be like for captain America to have Hulk, Thor and Emenike as back up!

Stephen Keshi:: He slept for most part of the game and Daniel Amokachi had to wake him when his investment “joseph yobo” made the whole of france proud..

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