Super Falcons will recover it lost glory again – Peters

The yet-to-be-unveiled new Assistant Technical Director for Nigeria Football Federation on Women Football, James Peter believes the Super Falcons will face no difficulty in getting back on track if the team get a good coach.

The Super Falcons missed qualification for the 2012 Olympics at the expense of South Africa’s Bayana Bayanas and later lost their African Women Championship title in Equatorial Guinea under erstwhile coach Kadiri Ikhana.

“I do not see any crisis in the Super Falcons at all – the fact that they lost the last AWC does not mean the team is in disarray – all we need is a coach that understands what it takes to lead women team and then falcons will regain their title,” he said.

The former handler of the female national team also stated that rather than worry over the senior women team, there should be more concerns about the selection of a new national U-17 team.

He said the process of selection the U-17 players involves going round the female academies to select players, stressing that after picking them, they will undergo an MRI test to ascertain their real age.

“We do not have problem with a senior female team because there are several U-20 players we can push into the national team. But the problem is how to bring selection of another set of U-17 female team.”

“You may even select a very good player and she may end up failing the MRI test – which means you will have to start all-over again – but I will want to recommend that coaches go for taller players because not all at U-17 are short,” Peters offered.

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