Suspension: Repentant reinstated LG boss Emmanuel Funsho promises better life in Kabba/Bunu

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“It is my wish with your mandate to contribute my quota with all sincerity of purpose to the grassroot development of Kabba/Bunu Local Govt and put it on a higher pedestal of development.
Kabbabunu chairman

“I have promise to run an open door policy devoid of ethnic or clannish patronage. And to achieve my plans in taking the Local Govt to the next level through the execution of well articulated programmes that will have direct bearing on the lives of our people the following actions will be put in motion: –
– Good governance
– Good and exemplary leadership
– Prudent management of resources
– The need for responsible advisers, aides, associates and political colleagues for effective feed-back on how the government is faring
– Effective and well motivated work force
– Reliable and timely accounting in the various departments, sections and units
– Dynamic participation by the private sector
– Reduction of red tapeism
– Due process in all sectors and actions
– Culture of feed back to the electorates
With all modesty and humility, my recent stint at the Local Govt as LO 1 has no doubt put me in a good stead and well equipped to further consolidate on the giant strides already started.
I will not disappoint or fail to deliver on my promises to the good people of Kabba/Bunu Local Govt Area who deserve good governance at all times.

It is going to be a new dawn in our Local Government.

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