Terrorist attacks won’t stop us – 1 GAME

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1 GAME Founder, Philip Obaji on Wednesday assured that no act of terrorism will stop the organization’s humanitarian work.
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Obaji said the recently introduced 1 GAME: Off The Streets project in Borno will continue as designed, despite continued terrorist attacks on communities in the State, with the most recent occurring last weekend in Baga and Izghe villages in Kukawa and Gwoza Local Government Areas.

At least 106 people were killed in both villages after gunmen attacked residents on Saturday night, the police and witnesses said.

The attack came days after gunmen killed 43 people in two separate incidents near Maiduguri, the Borno State capital.

Speaking on the attacks, Obaji said: “it’s a despicable attack on innocent people and the entire 1 GAME Movement joins in utterly condemning the act.”
W1 GAME remains committed to supporting the people of Borno State in their struggle to stop the abhorrent actions of terrorist groups, and as such would continue its programs geared towards combating violence and ignorance in the state through education.”

Obaji said he’s had many messages and declarations of support and solidarity for the ongoing Off The Streets project to keep running.

The 1 GAME Campaign introduced Off The Streets in December 2013. The initiative is a community project working for Almajiri children in Borno State who are facing challenges of exclusion from school, ignorance, recruitment into insurgent groups, neglect and abuse. The project supports these children by catering for them through the provision of food and clothing and at the same time prepares them for western education through its mentoring program.

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