The Making Of A Governor: Sani Lulu Abdullahi

As challenging and difficult life may be at times, there are people who are made for those trying times. They come as problem solvers. You get the best of them when hope seems to be lost. That is what is playing out currently as many Kogties have lost hope in terms of political leadership.

The situation got to it’s crescendo when most governorship aspirants abandoned the ruling party in the state out of fear and intimidation. However, a man who has in all honesty been at the forefront of rendering humanitarian services took the bull by the horns to challenge the status quo.

Sani Lulu Abdullahi’s leadership and management acumen came to the fore when he emerged as Nigeria Football Federation President (NFF). He met the accounts in deficit. By the time he left after four years, the federation was in solvency to the tune of over 3.5 billion naira. He didn’t dwell in the past as to why it was so. Rather, he put on his thinking cap and re – engineered the finances of the federation. Under his leadership, he qualified Nigeria for all FIFA organized competitions, making Nigeria the only African country with such record and one of the only three (3) countries in the world with such a feat.

In furtherance of his organizational, administrative and humanitarian services, he owns and effectively run one of the best football academies in Nigeria known as FOSLA ACADEMY. The academy runs a full academic circle along with playing football. A lot of the boys are currently undergraduates in different universities and polytechnics on full scholarship.

There are no questions as to tribe, local government or state of origin. It is only a man with such background that can salvage Kogi state today due to the current mess called administration. When I had the privilege of meeting with him recently, his brilliance and humility once again was brought to the fore. After over five hours of interaction, I became convinced in my conviction that he is intellectually, emotionally and physically prepared for ardours task of leading Kogi state. He took me through the political contours of the state and navigated through his educational, infrastructural, health, agriculture, housing, roads, civil service, local government autonomy, legislative autonomy,etc. He did not just analyze them, he has practical and realistic approaches and solutions to the problems.

As you celebrate your birthday today, 16th April, I pray for the manifestation of your greatest attribute. One such trait inherent in you is your ability to progressively set the tone of creative thinking ahead of the future for the people of Kogi state.

– Sylvester Ojogbane writes from Abuja in honour of Alhaji Sani Lulu Abdullahi, Governorship Aspirant, Kogi State.

3 thoughts on “The Making Of A Governor: Sani Lulu Abdullahi

  1. Seidu Mohammed Ogah is the best man for the kogi job. His track record speaks volumes as compaired to the controversial Sani Lulu.

  2. You should do a profile on Seidu Mohammed Ogah Dg Nasdra. I think he might be the best candidate for Kogi State.

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