Tinubu Moves to Create 1 Million Jobs

he Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment has stated that through its National Talent Export Programme (NATEP), the Tinubu administration targets generating one million jobs for Nigerians over the next four years.

Doris Uzoka-Anite noted efforts have started to achieve this through initiatives like the National Artisan Registration and Development Programme (NARDEP) aimed at imparting skills, certifying artisans to global standards and facilitating industry internships.

The Minister was quoted as saying “NARDEP will drive the actualization of NATEP, which is expected to deliver one million service export jobs…increase foreign exchange earnings and revenue…create ancillary industries and support services…[and] improve skills.”

This commitment to job creation comes after it was highlighted as a priority by President Tinubu in his recent 27.5 trillion naira budget presentation to the National Assembly. The new schemes reflect plans to harness Nigeria’s talent pool abroad and better position local skillsets for export market opportunities.

Stakeholders will monitor progresses made to deliver the ambitious one million employment goal over the targeted timeframe through strategic programs like those outlined.


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