Traders laments displacement at Lokoja Ganaja Junction

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Traders in Ganaja junction Lokoja,have pleaded to the state government to provide another conducive site for them to display their markets.

This plead was made by the disappointed few who spoke to SavidNews in Lokoja, Mrs Patience Yunusa a provision seller said their is no conducive place to display her provision since they have sent her away from her formal stand.

She said she has been loosing her customers because most of them can not come down to where she’s staying now.

She employed on the state government to employ on the state government to come to their aid by making everything fast so as to go back to their formal location.

Musa Mohammed, a fruit seller at the junction said he’s not happy with the new development going on in the state by displacing them from their location.

He said he has lost most of his customers and he his making low profit now, and market is very slow for him.

“I have lost most of my customers and am not making good profit like before again which is not making me happy, ” said Mohammed.

Mohammed said he’s still waiting for the government to see the road expansion the Government wants to do but is taking time now and their is to development yet.

He pleaded on the Government to make haste in what ever they want to do.

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