University Lecturer Urges Cross River State Governor to Refurbish Dilapidated State Library

Dr. Joseph Odok, a lecturer at the University of Calabar, has called on Governor Bassey Otu of Cross River State to prioritize the refurbishment of the dilapidated state library located in the center of town.

In a statement released on Thursday morning, Dr. Odok expressed appreciation for Governor Otu’s early actions to restore hope in governance, his demeanor, and his inclusive approach in bringing competent individuals on board. However, he emphasized the urgent need to address the state of the Cross River State library, which has become an eyesore and a source of embarrassment.

Dr. Odok highlighted that refurbishing the library is crucial for promoting a reading culture and enhancing education in the state. While acknowledging the financial challenges and inherited liabilities faced by the current administration, he emphasized the importance of prioritizing educational infrastructure.

The previous government under Prof. Ben Ayade was criticized for neglecting the prominent library building, allowing it to deteriorate despite persistent public outcry and demands from students and academics for improved library resources.

Dr. Odok’s appeal serves as a reminder of the pressing need to restore the state library and provide an enabling environment for learning and research. The refurbishment of this vital educational institution would not only uplift the image of Cross River State but also contribute to the overall development of education in the region.