US pledges US$69m for Somalia plan

The US has pledged US$69 million for Somalia’s New Deal Compact to promote and strengthen already existing programmes in community stabilisation, economic growth, education, and enhancing democracy, governance, and rule of law in the African nation.

The US State Department said the pledge was announced at the New Deal conference for Somalia, in Brussels 16 Sept.

‘Through this New Deal platform, America’s longstanding commitment to Somalia and the Somali people will continue to deepen. We are committed to working with the Somali people and the Federal Government of Somalia to improve the lives of everyday Somalis, and enhancing our diplomatic and development relationships,’ the State Department said in a statement obtained by PANA here Friday.

It said the US recognises the significant progress made in Somalia over the past year, noting that the progress would not have taken place ‘were it not for the dedication and commitment of the many members of the Somali community who make a daily decision to focus on a future built on hope and peace, rather than on conflict and despair’.

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