US Show Exposes Transaction Between Dasuki, CBN

[contextly_auto_sidebar id=”bZVrYZVkEIMAMlgOAZXk9XTIzZ3L38CL”]The American TV show PBS NewsHour has stated it had in its possession documents on transactions between former national security adviser Sambo Dasuki and Central Bank of Nigeria.

It stated that embattled ex-NSA got $336 million from despite having a budget of $160m for the year.

As part of a week-long series “Nigeria: Pain and Promise,” special correspondent Nick Schifrin also speaks on the challenges of fighting corruption.

The show further says it has a letter written by Colonel Dasuki (rtd.) addressed to the CBN, demanding $47m.

The document named ‘Request of Funds for Special Services’ with reference number, NSA/366S, was dated November, 2014 was written on the letterhead of the Office of the NSA.

The money reportedly was given to Dasuki’s office in cash and was transported in armoured cars at midnight.

The a second letter was written on the letterhead of the NNPC and addressed to the Director, Banking and Payments of the CBN, in which the national bank was requested to give the National Intelligence Agency, which was under the management of Dasuki, $289,202,382.

However, the agency’s budget was only $160m for the year.

A coalition Civil Society Network against Corruption has in October 5 appealed the chairman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ibrahim Lamorde, to probe the circumstances surrounding the movement of N67.2billion from the Central Bank of Nigeria under the government of ex-president Goodluck Jonathan.

In its publication of the 19th day of September, 2015, the Premium Times, an online newspaper reported that the ex-president, authorised the withdrawal of a whopping N67.2billion in cash money from the Central Bank of Nigeria between November 2014 and February 2015 for what was called ‘special services’.

The report states that one of the withdrawals was made through a memo which originated from the office Dasuki supposedly on Jonathan’s administration.

In the memo with reference number NSA/366/S ‘Request for Funds for Special Services’, an official from Dasuki’s office had drawn the CBN’s governor’s attention to a previous discussion and requested the release of the said funds by the bank.

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