Vanguard calls on Ibro to contest 2015 senatorial seat

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Haven’t realized his contribution towards the socio-economic and human capital development of Kogi State while in the saddle, the immediate past Executive Governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris (Ibro) has been urged to contest for the Kogi East Senatorial seat in the forthcoming general election.
ibrahim idris
The Director-General, Kogi East Chapter of Kogi Youths Vanguard for Democracy and Good Governance, Comrade Ocholi Uchola, who made this public in an exclusive chat with our reporter in Lokoja at the weekend said the call for Ibro to contest the election became imperative based on the assessment of his tenure as governor.

He stated that the immediate past governor’s antecedents and manner of politics has endeared him to the hearts of many, not only in Kogi East or Kogi State as whole, but Nigeria in general.

Comrade Uchola, who further described Ibro as a man with the passion and commitment to alleviate the sufferings of the masses, said that that virtue was what motivated the former governor into running what he described as “a government of the masses that was loved by all.”

He said apart from that, though the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), being the largest political party in Africa has continued to enjoy massive support from the people of Kogi State and Kogi East in particular, it runs the risk of losing some grounds to the opposition if very popular individuals like the former is not encouraged to return into mainstream politics in the State.

The Director-General, who alluded to the practice where the experience and salability of former governors of other states are used to reinvigorate the fortunes of ruling parties by electing them into the upper chamber of the National Assembly, said the same thing can be replicated in Kogi State.

“Look at the former governor of Nassarawa State, Alhaji Abdullahi Adamu, the former governor of Kwara State, Senator Bukola Saraki and several others who are still serving their parties and their Senatorial Districts,” he said, and rhetorically asked, “Why can’t we do the same in Kogi State with Ibro who has a track record of achievements?”

While informing The Graphic that Alhaji Ibrahim Idris’ achievement in the State cannot be compared to any other leader since the creation of Kogi State, he said the immediate past governor has continued to attract huge followership among the people even after having completed his tenure as governor.

He therefore called on the people of Kogi East to join in him in the call for Alhaji Ibrahim Idris to contest the
for the Kogi East Senatorial seat.

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