VIDEO: What Journalists in Nigeria are saying about #AirtelChangeYourStory

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Journalists across Nigeria have lauded the organisers of the ongoing #AirtelChangeYourStory training, which according to them have impacted positively the writing style of 100 selected journalists across the country.
airtel sam

An initiative of the Journalism Clinic and Dan Mason Media, the training was held across four cities: Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja and Enugu, where journalists were trained in multimedia, mobile and social medial journalism.

Dan Mason, who is a well travelled international online journalism trainer, said the #AirtelChangeYourStory project, is one of the most exciting things he has been involved in lately, adding that Nigeria is blessed with dynamic and talented journalists.

“Nigerian journalists like others from most parts of the world are fantastic and dynamic but because they don’t earn very much, that puts pressure on journalism. So having observed that journalists here are eager to learn, there is a training need, because Nigeria is an amazing success story in the media waiting to happen,” he said.

The convener of the event, Mr Taiwo Obe, said that the training was put together, to tackle the issue of Nigerian journalists being far behind in digital storytelling.

“The training was put together so that journalists in Nigeria can measure up with others in the 21st century. The principles of journalism have not changed, but these tools are basically to enhance audience engagement. The audience have moved from traditional newsstands to mobile particularly, so the training is based on the use of digital media applications and tools that will better enrich the audience.”

According to one of the participants, “The five-day training for me and other participants in Ibadan was worthwhile and it has enlightened me on what it actually takes to be a social media strategist.”

Another participant, Mr Idowu Sowunmi, said the training has opened a vista of prospects to better explore the world of journalism, most especially the embedded opportunities in the online social media.

“The training is a challenge to journalists to always think outside the box, and indeed the story has a changed,” he said.

Adedigba Adebimpe said “it was a wonderful experience for me, as everything needed to explore the social media world was given at the training.”

“Thanks to Mr Taiwo Obe and Dan Mason for affording us this opportunity, especially Dan, who laboured to put us through,” Ify Aronu said.

Another participant, Oyindamola Olofinlua said it was life-changing, and “the best I hope to achieve is to become a worthy ambassador.”

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