Wada Cautions APC Over Directive To Federal Lawmakers

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Kogi State Governor, Capt Idris Wada yesterday counselled the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) over its directive, last week, to its members in the National Assembly to block all bills presented by President Gooodluck Jonathan.gov wada f

Governor Wada called for caution and circumspection among the political class as such call was not not only capable of derailing Nigeria’s fledgling democracy but working anti-clockwise against current efforts by the federal goovernment to jumpstart the economy, “all in the name of opposition.”

The governor spoke in Isanlu, Yagba East Council through his deputy, Arc Yomi Awoniyi at the constituency briefing organised by a member of the Kogi State House of Assembly, Hon Henry Ojuola, who is an APC member. The occasion attended by APC and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leaders in the state, also witnessed the distribution of vehicles, sowing machines, referigerators, farming and medical equipments donated by the legislator as part of his empowerment programme for his constituents.

Governor Wada, delighted by the presence at the ceremony of a mix of APC and PDP faithfuls, a gathering he described as “an exception” judging by the political climate in the country where political opposition is equated with enmity, noted that, “this commendable conduct (being witnessed here today) becomes better appreciated against the recent directive by the National Executive Committee of the APC that its members in the National Assembly should block all bills presented by the president. It is pertinent to note that the proposals that the opposition seeks to shut down include the request for the consideration of the 2014 budget, the screening of new service chiefs and the screening of new ministers. There is urgent need for circumspection in our politics. Opposition is not synonymous with warfare. How do we explain a situation where the president is on the world stage in Switzerland where he is agressively marketing our country, while some people in the name of politics are advocating anarchy and painting a picture of disharmony and discord back home?”

Governor Wada urged politicians in the country, especially those in the opposition to take to mind the refrain that power belongs to God who gives it to whom He deems. He admonished those in doubt of the refrain to consider the emergence of Capt Wada and himself as governor and deputy governor of Kogi State in January 2012 under circumstances best described as God ordained, as a proof that “the race does not belong to the swift nor the battle to the strong.”

With particular reference to the road from Kabba to Ilorin, a major road in Kogi and Kwara States, recently approved for rehabilitation by the Federal Executive Council, after years of agitation for FG’s attention to the long abandoned road, Governor Wada appealed to APC members and representatives in the National and Kogi State Assemblies to endeavour to always place the inteest of development and the unity of the people of the state above all sentiments as demonstrated in the mix of party stalwarts cuting across the ruling and opposition parties present at the ceremony.

The governor commended Hon Ojuola not only for the “enviable account” he has rendered of his stewardship “but for the enduring, empowering and transformating gestures he has demonstrated toward the people of his constituency.”

Noting that Ojuola, a second term serving state legislator, has displayed knowledge, confidence and mastery in his conduct as a high ranking member of the Kogi State House of Assembly, the governor enthused that besides creating great impressions by his report and gestures, Ojuola demonstrated good understanding of the reality that people remain the object of governance and that all arms of government can pursue a common objective in development, no matter the name of their party or the colour and shape of their symbol.

“In the face of what is happening in our country today, the attitude of Hon Ojuola should neither be taken for granted nor be assumed to be the norm. It is more of an exception in our political climate where opposition is far being equated with enmity”. governor Wada added.

Earlier, Hon Henry Ojuola, said his decision to extend invitation to all colours political interests was borne out of the circumstances of his victory at the poll, saying although he won on the platform of the defunct ANPP, he owed his victory to PDP members.

“At the time of my election in 2011, there was no ACN, there was no APC, I won because PDP members were behind me,” he said.

While he restated his loyalty to APC, Hon Ojuola made references to the record of political patronage and innovative performance by the Wada-led PDP Government both in his constituency and at state level, adding “since i was born, Yagba East Local Government has never had it better than we have it now under the Idris Wada Administration in terms of apppointment and projects. I did my research. I went to compare notes at SSG’s office”.
Member of House of Representatives for Lokoja/Kotonkarfe Constituency, Hon Buba Jubril who is of APC, commended Ojuola for his gestures to his costituents with particular references to the vehicles and other items donated even as he admitted that since legislators do not have votes to do such, the items on display were as a result of long term saving and commitment to touching lives”. Hon Buba Jubril equated the presence of the Deputy Governor and the PDP state Chairman, Mallam Hassan Salau at an APC program to “politics without acrimony and poliics of progress. It is the beauty of democracy”.

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