Wada vs Echocho Case: Wada Celebrates Supreme Court Victory, Reiterates Transformation Focus

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Kogi State Governor, Capt. Idris Wada has reacted to his victory at the Supreme Court this morning describing it as ‘freedom received at the highest temple of mother justice’.


Shortly after the court pronounced that his nomination as candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and subsequent election as Governor in 2011 were authentic and valid, the governor in a statement by Jacob Edi, his Special Adviser, Media and Strategy said he hopes the judgement will put an end to the agitation by his opponents to put spanner in the works of his government.

The statement extolled the virtues of the judiciary as the last hope of the common man, where truth is the essential ingredient for justice. He noted that the court verdict has further reimbursed the confidence of Nigerians in the judiciary as a place both the aggrieved and the aggressor can approach without let or hindrance. “For me, the judiciary is another plain of dialogue. It is by far preferable to violence and jungle justice as tools for settling political scores. I therefore commend the plaintiff for taking this civilized option of seeking redress and subjecting our popularity to the most difficult judicial tests in the country.” Wada said.

But now that the legal fire works are over, the Governor made a fresh call on all indigenes of Kogi State especially those who dragged him before the judges to shelve the toga of hostility and join in the task of transforming their home state. “Our doors are still open. We harbour no malice or ill feelings towards anyone. All our brethren are invited aboard the transformation agenda of Kogi as partners. Developing Kogi State is a task that must be jointly done.”

Capt. Wada thanked all his friends, associates and well wishers across the country, especially the good people of Kogi State for standing by his government during the trying days of the litigations and assured of his determination not to relent on his transformation agenda for the state. “Our administration is too focused to be distracted and this judgement is a fresh boost on our pact with the people”. He enthused.