Wada vs Echocho: The truth that sets Capt Wada free – By Mike Abu, Richard Elesho

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The numerous litigation was really a set back to the development of Kogi State. The people of the State who were the proverbial grass when two elephants fight were at the receiving end,no doubt suffered the more.
But like it was stated in the holy books of the bible:
“Many are the afflictions of the upright, but the Lord delivers him from them all”, says the Psalmists.

Similarly,the truism that there is light at the end of a dark tunnel is what seem to have played out in the case of Capt Idris Wada when the Supreme Court last Friday delivered a unanimous verdict giving him a clean bill. The Supreme court ruling which has finally confirmed the overwhelming support Kogi people gave Capt Wada at the December 3,2011 poll, was an epic testimony of the veracity of the above ancient Jewish wisdom and wise saying.

That day, the apex judicial organ in Nigeria, finally laid to rest agitation over the agitation of who is the rightful governorship candidate of the People’s Democratic Party in the December 3, 2014 election held in the State. In a unanimous decision, the court declared that Capt. Idris Wada’s nomination as candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP and his subsequent election as Governor,of Kogi State met all the requirements of law.

The judiciary deserves kudos for its ability to painstakingly dispense justice in the Kogi election conundrum. Once again, it has lived up to its reputation as a place both the poor and the mighty in search of redress can approach without let or hindrance.

For the duo of Capt. Wada and his deputy Arc. Abayomi Awoniyi, the Supreme Court’s decision is one victory too many. For more than two years, both men have been one leg in the court while they managed to keep their second legs out of it. As the saying goes, “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown”. From the time Capt. Wada stepped into active politics, his traducers have cooked all manners of stories ranging from the ridiculous to the serious, but all where aimed at bringing his fortunes to a sudden close.

Among other things, Wada was accused of
-being a close friend and in-law of former Governor Ibrahim Idris;
-not being a card carrying or registered member of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP.
-does not have the sound mind and mental concentration to govern a state
-hijacking the nomination ticket of PDP
-Vote stealing and mandate snatching.

For the better part of the last two years, the weight of the cases stifled the Wada administration like an incubus. But as truth is constant and unchangeable, Wada the Aviator turned Governor came out of all the allegations not only unstained, but clean as a whistle.

Now that the truth is out and the governor is free from all legal encumbrances, for many it might be time to role out the drums for Celebrations. But it is also to many others time to bring out the spanners and for the Governor to role up the sleeves for undiluted service to the people.

The task of reconciling all stakeholders is one that must be pursued urgently. That old belief that “people don’t come back from the courts and remain as friends” must be discarded.
The governor needs like never before to demonstrate the progressive philosophy of “in politics, there is no permanent enemy”. After all, a truly great man shows his greatness by the way he treats others who are less than him.

Similarly, the administration must keep up the tradition of pursuing the Transformation Agenda fairly and equitably. The Governor must focus more on bringing development to all parts of the state. This is the only way the administration can make the ordinary people of Kogi State the final and chief beneficiary of the Governor’s victory at the courts. Good enough, the Governor alluded to this in his reaction to the Supreme Court pronouncement.

Also the State Deputy Governor,Yomi Awoniyi described the victory of Capt Idris Wada at the Supreme court,as victory for the people of the state.

Aside calling on the people to join hands with the Governor in building a virile Kogi State, as a leader and a father of the state who has embraced all irrespective of political or religious affiliation, Awoniyi said the Governor will remain focus in providing gains of democracy to people of the state.

To those who may seem to have lost. They should see it as a win as the nation’s jurisprudence has been enriched while they should see their acceptance as a retreat,to fight some day.

For a man whose administration has been guided by the vision to build a greater Kogi State, Capt. Wada’s sincerity of purpose, in affecting the lives of the citizens through improved social infrastructure,particularly, Education, Agriculture, Health and human development, the Supreme court final decision is therefore no doubt geared towards making the transformation vision a reality.

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