Wada will Sincerely Use 20bn Bond to Develop Kogi – Awojuola

Honorable Jaiyeola Awojuola A.K.A jasper is one of the known face in Kogi politics, He was a special Assistant in the administration of Alhaji Ibrahim Idris, hail from Ogori/Magongo local Government area of Kogi State, Jasper, a youth mobiliser was born and raised in the ancient town of Lokoja, the capital of Kogi is also known as the strong member of the ruling party in the country, in this interview with SavidNews spoke on the 20 billion bonds secured by the Wada Administration and other issue that heat Kogi Politics excerpt.

Q-You have been around, i mean in politics for a while. What is the experience like?

Jasper:Prior to my getting involved in politics, i had worked with the PHCN when it was NEPA, My attraction to politics is service and if you like relevance. Since the second republic though, i was still very young, i took keen interest in politics.

Q-Who are your role medels in politics?

Jasper:I have very many people i admire in politics. For instance, i admire the late Alhaji Waziri Ibrahim because of his peaceful disposition to
politics. I love the late Mallam Aminu Kano for his politics of the talakawas. Really, in the second republic, there were people who stood out. Talk of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, the great Zik of Africa and
several others. I did not have the privilege of working closely with any of them but i read a lot about them and learnt a lot from their
life stories. As for the current dispensation, i admire Alhaji Ibrahim Idris. i see him as a symbol of humility. I used to think he is the best politician until Captain Idris Wada is the best thing to ever
happen to Kogi state politics. He is humble, visionary and articulate. He is my role model. I love his gentle mien. He is a governor with alot of difference.

Q-In some circles, you are seen as one of the “bad boys” use to heat up the polity in the past. How true is it?

Jasper:People have erroneous impression about me. Yes, i am somebody who pursues any cause i believe in with vigour without minding whose ox is gored. If i believe in a cause, i don’t give a hoot what people would say. I am a straight forward person. I don’t pretend but i can assure you that i abhor violence in all ramifications. I have never been a bad boy and would never be one. I am responsible and law-abiding citizen of Nigeria. Those who know me will confirm to you that Jasper cannot hurt a fly. I am a much focused person. In what i do, i strive for excellence. In other word, I’m a goal-getter.

Q-How would you access the administration of Captain idris Wada?

Jasper:The administration has given the electorate fresh hope; the governor and his deputy have proved to be people of great minds. Their style is unique. I see the present administration drive the state to a steady and robust economic destination. For the first time, we see an administration continuing the projects undertaken by a previous administration. In many instances in Nigeria, no government wants to carry the load of an administration it is succeeding but here is an administration is striving to complete all the projects it inherited and for this reason, it has been labelled as being slow. Some people even say the administration lacks initiative. This is a very wrong assessment of the administration. The state is being repositioned. it takes careful planning to make the desire difference. For instance, look at the administration’s agricultural programme. The country’s focus is on the state because of that.

Q-On more specific terms, how would you rate the youth empowerment scheme of the administration?

Jasper:Without mincing word, i would say it is something out of this world. Don’t forget that i was involved in the youth empowerment programme of the immediate past government. What i see being done is systematic and more enduring. It is not about giving the people fish; it is about
teaching the people how to fish so that they can stand on their own. Under the present arrangement, people are trained in different skills and in the end, they are supported to be self-employed. The Special Adviser, Dr Temitope Sinkaye is doing a great job in that aspect.

Q-what can you say about the decision to bring on board technocrats instead of the traditional politicians?

Jasper:That is what has accounted for the success story of the administration. He did not only go for technocrats, the secretary to the state government, Professor Olugbemiro Jegede, a world-clash
academic; a man being sought for around the globe. His acceptance to serve his state is indicative of his patriotism. Look at what the administrative is achieving is the spheres of health, road construction and what have you. It is all because people with sound pedigree were brought on board. Rather than castigate him for that, we should applaud his vision because the governor is not resting on his oars to fast track the state’s pace of development because he thinks the state should not be where it is now.

Q- Do you support the recent move to secure N20 Billion bond by the state?

Jasper:There is nothing wrong with that. Many states of the federation are using bonds from the capital market to carry out developmental projects. This has become expedient because the resources accruing to the state is dwindling. Every government that is desirous of progress and the well-being of its people must think in that direction.

Q- People are afraid of the fund being mismanaged. How genuine are the fears?

Jasper:The fears are unfolded. Bonds cannot be easily mismanaged. Even those approving the bond will monitor its usage. Besides, Captain Wada, is a man of integrity. He would not want to be messed up by anyone.

Q-Can the state pay back the loan within the stipulated period?

Jasper: Of course, there wouldn’t be problem repaying. You will agree with me that the government is already consciously working round the clock to
boost the state’s internally generated revenue. This is necessary because over 90 per cent of what accrues to the state monthly from the federation account is used on over-head. We can’t develop if we don’t seek alternative sources of fund. One is glad that the governor is doing a lot of thinking in that direction.

Thank you for your time.

I feel honoured

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