Wada/Echocho Supreme Court Verdict: A Vindication of Justice – Kogi Speaker, Jimoh Lawal

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The Speaker, Kogi State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Momoh Jimoh Lawal has described as a historic landmark, the recent Supreme Court judgment confirming Capt. Idris Ichalla Wada as the popular winner of the December 3, 2011 governorship election against the protracted legal truculence of Jibrin Isah alias Echocho.
“It is a confirmation of the integrity of the judiciary and impeccable sagacity of the Supreme Court Judges, of course as the bastion of hope for the people’s liberty as well as victory for democracy” said Speaker Momoh Jimoh Lawal.

The Speaker in a statement through his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Augustine Akubo, noted that the Judiciary as the anchor of democratic norms and values has gone a long way to consolidate its prestigious reputation by upholding the popular election of Governor Idris Wada.

Speaker MomohJimoh Lawal further stated that the Supreme Court’s sound judgment in this case, should serve as a monumental lesson to desperate politicians, who scamper for power at all cost against the popular wishes and aspirations of the people.

Speaker MomohJimoh Lawal, while congratulating Governor Idris Wada over his landslide victory at the Supreme Court also advised Kogi indigenes at home and in The Diaspora, not to be illusioned and distracted by empty criticisms in their support for the Governor’s ongoing Transformation Agenda of the State.

He also described Capt. Idris Wada as a great leader whose vision and focus for the accelerated development of Kogi State is legendary and revolutionary in the sincere efforts geared towards advancing the living standard of the Kogi citizenry and beyond.

Augustine Akubo
Chief Press Secretary to the Hon. Speaker

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