Wada’s Convoy and The Rest of Us, by Augustin Akubor

It is an unfortunate monumental embarrassment of a global magnitude created by the inhumane nature of our deplorable and near impassable roads neglected by successive Nigerian governments. It is not about the outbursts of volatile vituperation s to score political gains.
Thank God the Goodluck Jonathan’s administration is expediting construction of the Abuja-Lokoja dual carriage way. It is hoped that it will not be truncated or scuttled by corrupt politicians and desperate contractors. Afterall, this road which is a multiple entry point into the center of Nigeria- is never supposed to be contemplated whether to be a priority project or not. The cosmetic treatment of this road for over a decade now has made it a death trap over years of its contract award. People die on this road almost on daily basis in scores, dozens and droves. FRSC records are pure horribilis.

This is not about Gov. Wada or his convoy. It is not because a prominent Prof. Iyayi is involved in this one. We should all stop playing politics with life of human beings. This same road has in the past, claimed the lives of prominent politicians like Senator A.T. Ahmed, a Former Senator and Dr, Stephen Achema, a former Presidential Aide of blessed memory and lots more. It is characteristic of the state of the majority of our roads in Nigeria. Every life should be valued in Nigeria, by Nigerians, especially Nigerian leaders by using our resources to provide humanly motorable roads that meet global standards in tandem with fundamental human rights.

Governor Idris Ichalla Wada’s Transformation Agenda is steadily and surely working in Kogi State. His feat of Transformational Leadership should not be smeared on the alter of political altercations for petty political rivalries and jealousies. An accident is never intentional, hence Governor Wada should not be unwarrantedly vilified with wanton legal intimidation as the life of any human being should not be on sale or politicized. Then, is the Federal Government of Nigeria to be sued for reparations on lives lost on all Nigerian bad roads?

On the corrollary, it is time to really carry out professional training of drivers to mitigate their near low or no-knowledge of traffic etiquettes. How many Nigerian drivers are professionally trained? Are licenses granted on the basis of professional training in Nigeria?

May Prof. Iyayi’s soul rest in peace, Amen. May all innocent Nigerians who have been dying as a result of our bad roads, though they may be seen as “common” also rest in peace. May our leaders not rest in peace while they are alive until they rightly provide us our rightful basic infrastructures, Amen. May God help us from the reckless and lawless hands of overzealous and untrained drivers in Nigeria, Amen.

Augustine Akubo
Chief Press Secretary to the Hon. Speaker,
Kogi State House of Assembly.

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