What is Christmas Without Payment of N35,000 Minimum Wage – Oshiomole to FG,NLC

Former NLC President Adams Oshiomhole has urged both public and private employers to pay workers the new N35,000 minimum wage before Christmas.

Speaking at NASU’s conference in Abuja, Oshiomhole warned “If you don’t pay, there will be no Christmas for you as an employer whether public or private sector.”

Quoted in reports, the Edo North Senator said “Now that you have N35,000, there are workers from different states. Are all the state governments implementing it? The answer is no. Why should it be no, and why are they at peace?”

He urged NLC President Ayuba Wabba to ensure “the N35,000 must affect all workers. It has to go around all workers in Nigeria, whether public or private.”

With negotiations between labour and the FG, Oshiomhole’s remarks emphasize the need for universal adoption of the revised minimum wage across all sectors to guarantee workers’ pay rises nationwide.

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