What Kogi residents make of Nigeria’s Democracy at 15

As Nigerian democracy clocks 15 years of un-interrupted Democratic government on Thursday May 29,Lokoja residents react over the achievements of the nation.

Interviews with Civil servants, party faithful and religious leaders in Lokoja on Wednesday.

Mr Kingsley Mokikan,a Peoples Democratic Party Stalwart said that Nigeria has achieved a lot in the last 15 years,he noted that there had been a stable power supply which was far better than before.

He said that it was during this period of democratic system that Nigeria went back to transform the Agricultural sector. he noted that these agendas of government policies has made democratic settings far better than the military.

Mrs Aisha Ibrahim,a civil servant said that the Nigerian democracy has not solidly been working,she said that the citizens are still treated as slaves in their own country.

She stated that in the days of the Military our naira was very okay and the price of petrol was far better than what we have today,saying that Nigeria need to get it right the proper way.

Mr Daniel Alabi,stated that the democracy Nigeria is practising was too porous,he said that corruption has eating deeply into our system of governance.

Mr Adejoh Akowe,stated that Nigerian democracy was too expensive,he noted that all hands must be on deck to correct all the issues of laundering cash in the country.

Mrs Hellen Aladejobi,said that the military regime was far better than the democracy we are into,she noted that even at the state level nothing had been achieved.

She said until Nigeria as a nation know that it is going backward by the day nothing would be achieved.

Mr Henry Okpanachi,stated that Nigeria had gone too backward during the period of democratic rule,she said that it has been killing everytime.

She noted that even during the military there was no bloodshed as bad as this.

She called on President Jonathan to resign his office.

Mr Musa Dadebola,said that Nigeria still needs to go to America and learn how democracy is been practiced.

He noted that Nigeria has not gotten it right.

Rev Bassey Etim,said he was optimistic that Nigeria would still be a great country,he prayed God to continue to show mercy on the nation.

Sheikh Muhammad Yusuf,also prayed Almighty Allah to help rebuild the nation.

He said he believes that Allah would bring the issue of insurgence to a logical end.