Why Ex-Deputy Gov, Bisi Omoyeni Want to Govern Ekiti

Former Ekiti State Deputy Governor Adebisi Omoyeni has kicked off his aspiration to contest the governorship seat of the state in the 2014 election on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). He unveils his mission to group of journalists.

“My mission for our dear state, Ekiti, is to take it to a level it has not attained since, its creation 17 years ago.” With this statement, former Deputy Governor Adebisi Omoyeni disclosed why he yielded to pressures “by lovers of genuine development of Ekiti” to run for governorship in the coming election.

He added: “I also have a vision of putting Ekiti State on the world map of industrialized states and make it self-sufficient and economically viable.

“I realize that our people have been suffering from acquired poverty in the midst of plenty. God has endowed us with stupendous natural resources, which if harnessed, can empower us to kill poverty in the state. Infrastructure and basic amenities like pipe-borne water, good roads, and electricity among others, are painfully in short supply. This shouldn’t be allowed to go on.”

He linked the situation to unemployment among the youths, saying: “Any right-thinking person will be touched by the level of unemployment among Ekiti youths today. I am personally touched. I have therefore developed a programme of action that would aggressively create jobs for all our youths and unemployed graduates. I will create 4,000 job opportunities annually during my tenure. I did it in Wema Bank and will do it in Ekiti State.”

Linking job creation to industrialization, Omoyeni said: “Government has no business in business. Government would only provide the enabling environment for them to thrive. We will encourage entrepreneurs, both local and international, to come to Ekiti and establish industries under Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement. My experience in the private sector and connections will be brought to bear in this regard. Industrialization will be an avenue to create jobs. Our youths will be adequately trained to work in these industries.”

Maintaining that unemployment breed insecurity, the banker-turned politician said: “Peace and security are essential for development. Our government shall take every measure necessary to ensure that residents of Ekiti, carry out their legitimate businesses in a secure atmosphere. Apart from tackling poverty through reduction in hunger, we shall support all security agencies in the discharge of their responsibilities.”

The aspirant said his administration would appraise the mineral resources available in the state and ensure they are exploited for the benefit of its people.

On education, he said that bursary and scholarships would be given to students in tertiary institutions.

“As a trained teacher myself, teachers will be highly motivated; all their entitlements, including the Teachers’ Peculiar Allowance (TPA), will be paid. No teacher will be humiliated. Rather, our administration will train and re-train them to acquire modern methods of teaching to enhance their output. Infrastructure will be provided in our schools, while our tertiary institutions will be adequately funded to attain world-class status. As a former lecturer myself, I will ensure that lecturers and members of the academic community are well motivated. We shall institute a tax regime with a human face for our lecturers and other categories of government staff,” he stated.

“Our government,” he assured, “will mechanized agriculture for improved output by providing necessary equipment and enabling environment. Food-processing industries will be encouraged to process farm produce into value added products for export and local consumption.”

Saying that only a healthy population can be productive, Omoyeni promised to pay attention to health-care at all levels, with adequate attention to health institutions.

Describing civil service as an integral part of any government, he said his administration would accord civil servants their pride of place in the scheme of things, with adequate care for their rights and benefits within the ambit of available resources. “Local Government Areas shall be guaranteed their independence, and their workers shall be accorded full benefits as obtained in the state civil service. There will be no discrimination in the conditions of service at the state and council levels,” he promised, adding that, “those that have been unjustly eased out of service shall have their cases reviewed and justice done.”

To Omoyeni, the party is supreme. He said: “I have demonstrated this with my total support for the current State Executive. I will create every opportunity for the party to grow stronger and maintain discipline.

“Building a new Ekiti State cannot be done by one man alone. The labour, civil servant, teachers, artisans, students, academics, farmers and professionals have roles to play. My government will motivate everybody, including Ekiti sons and daughters in the Diaspora, to partake in a new dawn for prosperity, peace and progress in Ekiti State.”

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