Wike Warns Politicians Against Pulling Up Ladders Used to Climb to Power

As crises persist in Rivers State, Governor Wike has cautioned politicians to avoid pulling up ladders employed to rise to the top.

The FCT minister stated this while hosting the Ogbaland traditional ruler at his Port Harcourt residence.

Wike advised: “Don’t pull the ladder that you use in climbing. When you are coming down, the ladder may not be there. And leave the ladder too so that other people can also climb the ladder.”

Denying claims of ethnic conflict, he stressed considerations were not based on tribe but for Rivers’ unity.

“We voted not for ethnicity but unity. We’ll never support violence but always back peace,” Wike said.

The governor further said within political groups and for traditional stools, certain rules must be obeyed.

As tensions escalate, Wike’s calls for adherence to democratic norms and succession procedures could help stem unrest. Peaceful conduct will be crucial moving forward.