World Aids Day: Nigeria Pushes On 3 Zeros In HIV/AIDS Fight

Lead agencies, donors and partners in the fight against HIV/AIDS have said that Nigeria must fund the HIV-AIDS fight if it hopes to achieve the 3 zeros in HIV related deaths, infection and discrimination.
The Director General of the National Agency for the Control of Aids, NACA, Professor John Idoko said that it would cost about 50,000 Naira to put one HIV positive person on treatment for one year and for this Nigeria needs to invest 262billion Naira over the next two years to sustain the fight against the HIV/AIDS scourge.

The treatment of over one million persons infected with the virus, prevention of new infections especially mother to child transmission and funding remain top on the list of challenges Nigeria faces as it marks World Aids Day.

Statistics from the National Agency for the Control of Aids, NACA show that about 10 million people in low and middle income countries are living with HIV/AIDS and of this number over 3 million are Nigerians.

Nigeria currently bears the 2nd largest burden of HIV/AIDS globally, after South Africa, yet many persons living with the virus are untested, a situation that causes continued spread of the virus.

Despite the many challenges, the control agencies say trends are improving and areas in need of sustained efforts are testing, treatment and prevention.

The target is what has been identified as the 3 zeros; zero deaths related to HIV/AIDS, zero new infections and zero discrimination.

Source :#ChannelsTV

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