World Cup: Sani Lulu lauds Keshi’s impact on Super Eagles

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Former Nigeria Football Federation President, Alhaji Sani Lulu Abdullahi has saluted the doggedness spirit of Coach Stephen Keshi despite the Super Eagles exit from the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Two late goals of France denied Nigeria from reaching their first ever quarter-final at the World Cup on Monday in Brazilia.
Lulu said Keshi displayed great patriotism, determination and commitment to positively transform the national team within three years in charge.

The former FCTA Sports Director said the former Mali coach derserves more commendation after managing to cope with pressure which could have easily frustrated others.

Lulu urged Nigerians to appreciate the positive changes he has attained with the team against criticisms over the Super Eagles’ second round exit from the World Cup.

“It is unfortunate that the Super Eagles have exited the tournament even as they were expected to make history by qualifying for the quarter-finals,” Lulu told DailyTrust.

“Despite what happened today (yesterday) I want to commend Keshi’s dogged spirit. He is a very strong character.

“For him to achieve so much under the conditions he faced before and during the World Cup, he should be commended. He has done his best,” said Lulu.

Stephen Keshi is the only indigenous coach to have qualified an African team to the second round of the World Cup.