Xenophobia: Nigerians decries attack in South Africa as Rep wades in

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South Africa’s State Security Minister David Mahloboso has disclosed that the government has xenophobia under control.
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Addressing local traders and small business owners at the eThekwini City Hall on Wednesday, Mahobo said the recent attacks on foreigners were barbaric and inhumane.

“We condemn the act in the strongest terms. Don’t let people use our name to commit criminal acts in our country, whether you are South African or a foreign national. We have heard that local traders say that foreigners are taking their jobs. We want to tell you that we are on top of the situation, we know that we are dealing with a big problem,” said Mahlobo adding that people, South African or not, needed to respect the laws of the land.

“We cannot as South Africans attack foreigners, that is not the peace or friendship that is enshrined in the Constitution. Let’s stand together and say, not in our name,” said Mahlobo.

He said he grew up in KwaZulu-Natal and recalls the violent past. “But KwaZulu-Natal took a stance that it wanted peace, let us do the same,” said Mahlobo.

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives have began proceedings to wade into the suffering of Nigerians in South African.

More details to follow…

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