XMAS Hell: Bank Customers turn ATMs in Kabba to Bureau de Charge as Banks closes down for robbery threats

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Hundreds of frustrated bank customers ahead christmas have resulted to exchange of the local currency at the Automated Transfer Machines (ATM) of various banks in Kabba, the headquarters of the Western district of Kogi State.

SavidNews understands that the four banks – Mainstream, Unity, First ans UBA in the area have been under lock and key following barrage of threats from the men of the underworld as the xmas season approaches.

Sources informed SavidNews that the banks have failed to open since Wednesday 17, December just as most banks which opened on that fateful day only managed to operate till mid-day.

High number of Customers who runs into hundreds of thousands has been forced to travel to the state capital, Lokoja in other to gain access to cash from the ATMs.

Informant in Lokoja, updated SavidNews that most ATMs in the capital were occupied up till 11pm with customers seeking to withdraw cash largely from Kabba.

As at Tuesday, December 22, only UBA bank up till date managed to put some cash into its ATM which never lasted upto four hours before the monies were exhausted.

On the eve of Christmas, SavidNews understands desperate customers who desired to withdraw or send monies to their loved ones for the festive season celebration resulted to exchanging their cash in turn for an ATM transfer into an account.

How long this will continue is uncertain as SavidNews already gathered that the increasing fears of local bank operatives from the latest robbery incident on a bank in Okene, the central region of the state though remains scary.

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