Yelutide Crime: Incessant Armed Robbery on Kogi Highways

As the celebration of Christmas and delight of seeing another new year down on us, the increasing robbery attacks in Kogi has continued to become of great concern after event yesterday around 7.30pm, a few meters away from the roundabout at Lokoja entrance (along okene-lokoja-abuja highway) motorists were stopped by hausa-speaking bandits and were massively robbed at gun point.arm robber

A Kogi indigene who was a victim of the incident narrated how they were flagged down with torch light in similar manner as policemen do. He stopped the car engine only to discover they were armed robbers.

They robbed him and all other motorists of their possessions – Cash, phones, laptops and vital documents before disappearing into the nearby bush.

In the last three weeks, motorists have been faced with brazen acts of armed robbery on Kogi highways.

A passenger travelling from Ekiti State to Lokoja three weeks ago encountered armed robbers robbing motorists around 12noon between Iyara and Kabba.

Around the same time, a similar case played out along Ajaokuta – Itobe Road.

It is high time our security agencies rise up to the occasion.

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