Youths seek accountable leadership, laments underdevelopment in Kogi East

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By Yabagi Mohammed
IMG_20160101_165436 Kogi East Youths at National Congress meeting

Youths in the Eastern Senatorial District of Kogi State, comprising of nine Local Government Areas, have blamed lack of accountability and the propensity of leaders from the area to use youths as tools for thuggery as reason for the area’s continuous lack of infrastructural development.

President of National Congress for Kogi East Youths, Comrade Attahi Olobo Joseph, who made their opinion known in an interview with our reporter following a meeting they held in Anyigba, said youths from the area have become disenchanted with the way political leaders have represented the area since the creation of Kogi State in 1991.

Comrade Joseph, who also expressed displeasure with the way youths from the area have allowed themselves to be used as tools at the hands of politicians due to their greed and impatience, called on them to be ready to make sacrifices for the betterment of Igalaland and the entire Kogi East.

He therefore appealed to youths in Igala and Bassa lands, which comprise the area, to imbibe the virtue which necessitated the avowal that “youths are the leaders of tomorrow”, by being patient and eschew rancor and acrimony among each other.

“As youths that have been through a lot in the state, we should be ready to make necessary sacrifices that would bring development to the entire people of Kogi East, irrespective of our background or where we come from. We must make efforts to attract development to our various communities in any way we can,” the President said.

One of the conveners of the meeting, Mallam Isiaka Yahaya, had earlier informed the gathering that the association was formed as part of efforts to bring to the consciousness of the youths the need to unite and act as voices for their various communities.

According to him, there is need to recognize constituted authority in every society, adding that whether they like it or not, the people of Kogi East must respect their leaders so as to ensure continuous mutual coexistence in their lands.

On his part, Muhammed Lawal Isa, who praised the sense of unity and will for cohesion exuded by the youths, expressed his belief in their ability to bring change in Igalaland and Kogi East in general.

The association, which draws membership from all parts of Kogi East, including Igala, Ibaji and Bassa, saw representatives from various Local Government Areas all expressing optimism in the ability of the body to fashion out a renewed direction towards the development of Senatorial District.